Dear Nancy, How do I get the attention of a girl online? 

I’m trying online dating now. How do I get the attention of a girl that I like? I feel like every cute girl has 100 men writing her and I’ll never get noticed. Any ideas?


  • Tim – 34– St. Davids

Dear Tim,

It is a challenge to get noticed when there are hundreds of men competing against you for the same woman. However, there are some simple steps that should really help you stand out against the crowd.

First: Pictures speak a thousand words, so make sure your online dating pictures are fabulous. Women love to see pictures of men in tuxedos or business suits. If you don’t have excellent pictures, go out and spend the money and time to make them great.

Second: Too often, men just write, “We seem to have a lot in common. Let’s talk.” Hmmm, I don’t know about you, but that email wouldn’t get any of my clients to write back! Instead, write about what she wrote, rather than what she looks like. Try to get her to open up. Extend her a compliment and rather than tell her you both have a lot in common, write her an example.

Third: If you don’t succeed, try again a different way. Some women are getting bombarded from men, so don’t be shy about writing her again. However, never sound angry or upset. Be the gentleman you are, and just write her again, adding wit and intrigue.

We look forward to hearing from you!