Dear Nancy, I’m getting overwhelmed with texts, in a bad way

I am so tired of the women I date texting me all through the next day and evening! Don’t they have jobs and a life?! Seriously, what am I supposed to do? I don’t want to be bothered with a flood texts between dates, and certainly not 24/7.

  • Todd – 45 – Wilmington

Dear Todd,

You hit the nail on the head!

Women, listen up: Men do not want to receive texts 24/7 – the same for women.  While limited texting can be cute and flirty most people do not have the time, nor desire, to spend their days and nights texting at the beginning stages of dating.

I recommend to everyone that they set up the next date while together, and forgo the need to text and call in between dates, especially if you are dating multiple people. Until there is a mutual decision made to become exclusive, you are right not to want to waste your time texting back all the women you are dating.

If you really like one of the women who keep wanting to text you, I would call her and nicely ask her to refrain from too much texting until your next date. Reassure her and all the women you are dating by texting or calling the night before your dates to confirm.  

Stating boundaries and expectations about communication is key when first dating. Don’t be shy about sharing your needs and desires. Good luck!