Dear Nancy, I need an profile update!

I’ve been on Match with the same pictures for over two years and I’m feeling like an old shoe. Any suggestions on how to get myself noticed again?

  • Daniel – 65 –Bryn Mawr

Dear Daniel,

You are very wise to realize the importance of revitalizing your online profile. Too many people are throwing up poorly thought-out profiles and leaving them to sit and collect dust instead of dates. Women do notice profiles that have been on for longer than year without any updates and tend to dismiss them. In fact, this issue is with both men and women’s profiles. So, please women, take note.

One secret is to actually fool your online dating site into thinking you are brand new to dating. Start with getting yourself a new email address and establish a whole new account. Make sure to create a new Username, add completely new photos, new headline, and certainly a new write-up. Online dating sites give extra exposure to any new daters, thus, by producing a whole new profile, you are bound to get more attention than you have recently. Be sure to take the time to get at least five good quality pictures and be sure to have your write-up interesting and well-written. Good luck with your new shoes and if you feel you need assistance, we at All About Connecting can certainly help you create a game-changing online profile.