Dear Nancy, I’m worried about safety

I am thinking about trying online dating, but I’m worried about safety, especially where to meet my first dates. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Colleen – 57 – Devon

Dear Colleen,

I am thrilled you are thinking of safety first! At All About Connecting, we focus a lot on safety issues, particularly with first dates. I strongly advise my clients to meet at a bar/restaurant that offers valet service so that you need not ever have to walk alone or with a man you just met, to your car in the dark. As over-the-top safety conscious this might seem to you, this is one of the biggest issues we hear about when it comes to first dates.

Since safety is such a factor, even men are usually wary to walk a woman he just met to her car. The entire scene is awkward; thus, just avoid it entirely.