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Dear Nancy, I’m worried about safety

Dear Nancy, I’m worried about safety I am thinking about trying online dating, but I’m worried about safety, especially where to meet my first dates. Do you have any suggestions? Colleen – 57 – Devon Dear Colleen, I am thrilled you are thinking of safety first! At All...

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Dear Nancy, My wife is skipping out

Dear Nancy, My wife is skipping out My wife and I just got married three months ago. Everything is fine, except for the fact she now keeps making excuses why she can’t make it to church on Sundays with me. I like to bring my children along on the weekends they stay...

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Dear Nancy, Should I message them back?

Dear Nancy, Should i message them back? I keep receiving Match.com messages from men – even many who have their Masters or PhD degrees, which are full of typos and grammatical errors. I find this very unappealing, as it shows they are incapable of proper writing...

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Dear Nancy, I need an profile update!

Dear Nancy, I need an profile update! I’ve been on Match with the same pictures for over two years and I’m feeling like an old shoe. Any suggestions on how to get myself noticed again? Daniel – 65 –Bryn Mawr Dear Daniel, You are very wise to realize the importance of...

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Dear Nancy, I feel like giving up!

Dear Nancy, I feel like giving up! I am so tired of doing this online dating nonsense! I’m ready to give up. I have been on and off a few dating sites for over three years, and have had some dating success, but no one I can see myself with long-term. My last...

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