Manly Mistakes

Course Name: Manly Mistakes Men Make on


Are you wondering where all the good women have gone? Our 3-step dating process will reveal the mistakes most men make on, and the best strategies to make online dating easy and successful. This class will include professional photos you can use for your profile, great tips to insure dating is inexpensive and fun, plus our secrets we’ve learned from women about what they want while dating you.

Benefits to the Students:

Professional profile pictures and learn the secrets to what women want.

Brief Course Outline:

  1. Professional Profile Photo session
  2. Easy, fun and comfortable (come in a shirt and tie, and bring a casual shirt to change into for more photo looks)
  3. Tips to make dating inexpensive and fun
  4. The secrets we know about what women want

For Men only

Duration: 2 hours

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