Moving On Is Not Easy, Let Us Help

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Moving On from the Past, Focusing on the Present & Looking forward to the Future.

Welcome to All About Connecting, where your dreams can come true. Don’t roll your eyes – I’m absolutely serious. It will take work, of course, but if you work with us, your life can become a dream come true.

I believe that everything we do in life is practice, that prepares us for something even greater.

Whether you wanted out or not, a failed relationship is very painful. Most of my clients tell me that becoming single again was not what they’d imagined or wanted. Especially after 40, a failed relationship can be traumatic. For many people, it destroys them financially as well as emotionally. They often find themselves back living in an apartment as they did in their 20’s. The trauma doesn’t end there. Many have their social network vanish into thin air. They feel hurled into a desolate, scary place.

Here, at All About Connecting, we work tirelessly with each of our clients to ensure success. We will quickly get you to succeed at your most pressing goals, then success leads to more success! So, if you are looking to lose weight, make more money, forget about the past, deal with your ex, have a better relationship with your children or find love again, call us now and start living the life you’ve only dreamed of!

All About Connecting is just that – it’s about connecting our clients to themselves, to their loved ones, and to a fabulous new love and life!

Moving On Programs

If you are a man or woman who needs help moving on in life to better yourself.

What You Get:

One Personal Moving On / Dating Coach

Personalized five step program

Email & Text access to personal date coach

One Hour Phone or Skype session per month

Game Changing Online Dating Profile

Professional Headshot Secrets

Access to All About Connecting Podcasts, Hosted by Nancy Plummer


3 Month Program: $1,200 / Month

No savings


6 Month Program: $950 / Month

Save $250/month


12 Month Program: $850 / Month

Save $100/month

All About Connecting Five Step Plan:

Our consultants are always available and eager to work closely with you to guide you through the new rules of the dating world to ensure you achieve your relationship goals, safely and effectively through our proven to work and individually tailored 5-step plan:

  1. Identifying your priorities
    ~Where are you now, and what are your goals?
  2. Developing the best you, inside and out
    ~Setting goals, defining how to achieve your goals, timeline
  3. Creating an online or personal profile
    ~What do you bring to the table? Professional photos, Marketing You
  4. Navigating the dating arena
    ~Where do you start? New Rules, Ready to Impress, First Dates
  5. Creating and maintaining a lasting and meaningful relationship
    ~Where do you go from here?

“Nancy & All About Connecting Transformed Me.”

Four years ago I found out that my significant other, the love of my life, was having an affair.  The trauma left me with severe anxiety and depression.  Four years later I was still mourning the loss of our failed relationship.  I longed for a man in my life but I was incapable of searching for him.  Then I met Nancy.

Nancy, through her knowledge, life experiences, compassion, commitment and positive energy transformed me.   I went from insecure to confident, anxious to peaceful, depressed to happy, and overweight to fit and trim ( I lost 35 lbs.)  Obsessive thoughts were replaced by mindful ones. I never felt alone. If I needed to talk between appointments she was always available, 24/7.  Her realistic, measurable and attainable goals guided me along my way to healing.  All aspects of my life were addressed; family dynamics, nutrition, exercise, beauty and finances.

Because of Nancy I have moved on.  I feel empowered and confident that I will find love again.