Relationships Can Be Hard, Let Us Help You Bring Back the Fun and Romance

All About Connecting


At All About Connecting, we want to work with you and your partner to transform your relationship into a meaningful and lasting one. We will help you to work together to create new personal beliefs and behavioral patterns to positively affect your lives together. We believe that with the right coaching, we can help you embrace where you are and bring a synergistic approach to renew your relationship.

All About Connecting’s revolutionary process for couples will help improve and enhance you and your partner’s lives, whether you are just starting out in a new relationship or if your marriage maybe having some troubles. Our All About Connecting relationship advisor/coach will be there to guide you and your partner in every step of the way. Our sessions focus on positivity, respect, laughter, admiration, and adoration. Imagine seeing how strong your marriage can be after learning to verbalize, articulate and celebrate your love for one another in a fun and playful way.

Married Couples: Falling In Love With Your Marriage Again

For couples that want to transform their relationship and work together for the future.

Let’s face it, the five most dreaded words for a married man are “Honey, we need to talk”. At All About Connecting, we want to turn those five words into a positive, communicative way for your relationship to blossom. No marriage should be hanging on a precipice and with our relationship coaches, we can help you get your relationship back to a place of passion and compassion. Learning to discuss your relationship positively, and working together to create new behaviors and beliefs, working with All About Connecting, your relationship can transform into one filled with compassion and intimacy.  Working with All About Connecting can transform your marriage into a relationship that is better than you ever imagined.


New Couples: Finding Compatibility

For couples that are new to their relationship and are looking to the future… Are you worried that you and your partner are compatible enough, but it isn’t quite working? Is one of you not committed enough? Do you wish you had better communication and support?  Do you understand the five love languages and how they apply to you and your future? All About Connecting is here to support you so that you can make it work and find out if they are the one. Our coaches are here to help you and your partner develop the skills needed to let your relationship flourish with compassion and intimacy.


Engaged Couples: On Your Way to a New Life Together

For couples that are getting ready to take their relationship to the next level and want to survive until the big day….Getting cold feet for the big day? No need! We here at All About Connecting want to help you to find balance in your relationship and develop communication between you and your partner so that your relationship can last until “death do you part”. Our coaches are here to help you and your partner develop the skills needed to let your relationship flourish with compassion and passionate intimacy that can last every day of your life.

Relationship Programs

If you are a man or woman who wants a long lasting relationship filled with love.

What You Get:

One Personal Relationship Coach

Personalized five step program

Email & Text access to personal relationship coach

AAC relationship exercises

One Hour Phone or Skype session twice a month

Access to All About Connecting Podcasts, Hosted by Nancy Plummer


3 Month Program: $1,200 / Month

No Savings


6 Month Program: $950 / Month

Save $250/month


12 Month Program: $850 / Month

Save $100/month

Nancy is a very insightful and inspiring Relationship Coach…..

“Unfortunately, romantic relationships don’t come with a users manual.  And nobody ever bothers to tell you that getting to “I do” doesn’t mean you’re done.  Marriage and relationships take time and attention.  They require constant fine tuning as people grow and situations change. Nancy is an very insightful and inspiring relationship coach who can help you reestablish the important connections in your life. She helps you appreciate why the art of courtship is an important tool both personally and professionally. Most importantly, she helps you to have fun again with your relationships despite the challenges and distractions of being a spouse, parent or friend.  Her guided discussions and exercises are simple, creative and highly effective.  So whether you’re in a long-term relationship or hoping to start one, let Nancy share her wit and wisdom and help you get back on the road to loving, respectful and joyful relationships.”

Michael from Pennsylvania, husband & father.