Secrets to Online Dating

Course Name: Sophisticated Secrets to Online Dating


Are you “unlucky” at finding love? Our 4-step dating process will teach you how to stand out from the rest. This class will include sophisticated dating secrets, vital safety information to insure dating is fun and amazing, and profile photos taken to get you noticed, 1st date do’s and don’ts, to help you become an empowered woman.

Benefits to the Students:

Learn the secrets of successful dating.

Brief Course Outline:

  1. Becoming the bet you Inside & Out
    1. What you bring to the table
  2. When – How – Who?
    1. Sophisticated Secrets to Dating
    2. Non-negotiables
  3. Creating your Profile
    1. How to create your Professional online dating profile
  4. Getting and Optimizing First Dates
    1. How to get the 1st and 2nd Date

For Women only

Duration: 3 hours

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