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All About Connecting Success Stories

 At All About Connecting we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are working hard to achieve set goals, and within 3 months of entering the dating world, more than 80% of our clients are in happy, committed relationships. 6 Months 90% and in 12 Months we have 100% success rate.


AAC Success Rate

“Her intuitive advice and positive energy help deal with all the uncertainties of dating and life.”

“For me, the best part of working with Nancy has been having someone who listens to my concerns and helps me achieve my goals. She really cares about you as a person, and her intuitive advice and positive energy help deal with all the uncertainties of dating and life, and get to the good stuff – like adventure, happiness, and love :-)”


“Nancy’s Method Works”

Working with Nancy has been a trans-formative experience. I had dated in the past with little or no success, despite the fact that I was attractive, intelligent and had all the right criteria to intrigue, and develop a serious relationship with a man. Immediately after I started working with Nancy, I felt empowered as I learned the crucial dating skills I needed to find and meet quality men. Nancy was there every step of the way, guiding and counseling me in my quest. I always felt that she truly cared about me as a person and wanted me to reach the goals I had set for myself in an authentic way.  With Nancy’s help, I was able to attract and date the man of my dreams. I learned how to go deeper into the art of communication with men, and how to be my authentic self.  As a result of working with Nancy, I am now in a “real” relationship leading to marriage, while experiencing more love than I have ever dreamed possible. This has brought me great joy and has influenced my work and personal life in a positive, uplifting way. Nancy’s method works, and if you listen to what she has to say and stick with the process, you will reap the benefits. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone who wants results in their personal life. For me, it was money well spent, while making good use of the limited time I had to navigate the dating world.

A Satisfied Client

Nancy is a very insightful and inspiring Relationship Coach…..

“Unfortunately, romantic relationships don’t come with a users manual.  And nobody ever bothers to tell you that getting to “I do” doesn’t mean you’re done.  Marriage and relationships take time and attention.  They require constant fine tuning as people grow and situations change. Nancy is an very insightful and inspiring relationship coach who can help you reestablish the important connections in your life. She helps you appreciate why the art of courtship is an important tool both personally and professionally. Most importantly, she helps you to have fun again with your relationships despite the challenges and distractions of being a spouse, parent or friend.  Her guided discussions and exercises are simple, creative and highly effective.  So whether you’re in a long-term relationship or hoping to start one, let Nancy share her wit and wisdom and help you back get on the road to loving, respectful and joyful relationships.”

Michael from Pennsylvania, husband & father.  

It was the best investment I made!

I hired Nancy as my dating coach several months ago. It was the best investment I made! I was going through a divorce and wanted to start to date. It was 20 years ago since I dated…

She helped me take pictures, write my online dating profile and prepare me for my dates! This much I know… if you don’t do something often, you typically aren’t the best at it. Nancy is skilled at getting any woman ready for the dating world! I was prepared and quickly found someone I only dreamed of dating! We’ve now been happily dating for over six months. All About Connecting is a fabulous service!

Thank you Nancy for helping me get out of my comfort zone and being true to me!


“She’s great!”

“I had tried Match and walked away. Nancy perked-up my profile, took new photos, and gave me an invigorated approach to the process. She’s great!”

A. L.

Thanks for your candor, logic and wisdom!


I’ve truly appreciate your wisdom, candor and logic.  The biggest thank you for getting me to a place where I was ready to meet the love of my life!


Nancy has changed my life immensely!!

From the moment I sat down with her to walk through my past relationships and discuss what I was looking for in a relationship, I felt immense support. She listens with an open mind and heart and genuinely wants you to succeed. I feel comfortable telling Nancy anything, as I know she will not judge. It feels great to have such a supportive confidant! Nancy is constantly there when I have questions – I shoot her a text and she gets right back to me. I would not have been on the amount of dates – or attracted the right type of men – if it weren’t for Nancy. She has made dating fun for me (and I never thought that could be possible). With Nancy’s help, I have attracted higher quality men. And I reiterate what Nancy said to me last week – once you feel empowered, you will attract the right partner. I have, and he’s fabulous, and we’ve been dating almost a year! And, the effects of Nancy’s coaching are seen in other parts of my life as well. I am more confident in work and personal settings and feel so empowered!! I know I can conquer anything that comes my way with ease.

” Nancy Transformed Me.”

Four years ago I found out that my significant other, the love of my life, was having an affair.  The trauma left me with severe anxiety and depression.  Four years later I was still mourning the loss of our failed relationship.  I longed for a man in my life but I was incapable of searching for him.  Then I met Nancy.

Nancy, through her knowledge, life experiences, compassion, commitment and positive energy transformed me.   I went from insecure to confident, anxious to peaceful, depressed to happy, and overweight to fit and trim ( I lost 35 lbs.)  Obsessive thoughts were replaced by mindful ones. I never felt alone. If I needed to talk between appointments she was always available, 24/7.  Her realistic, measurable and attainable goals guided me along my way to healing.  All aspects of my life were addressed; family dynamics, nutrition, exercise, beauty and finances.

Because of Nancy I have moved on.  I feel empowered and confident that I will find love again.

“She has kept me centered on my goals.”

Since I began working with Nancy, she has kept me centered and focused on my goals. She was always just a text or phone call away if I needed her guidance between appointments.


“With Nancy’s help, I found love again.”

After 18 months of feeling stuck after the loss of my husband, a colleague referred me to Nancy. I was ready to start dating, but scared to death at my age to try internet dating. Nancy put me at ease, helped me write a good profile. She even took pictures. Most helpful are the rules she established for me to follow to feel comfortable, ask the right questions, most importantly to feel safe.

Nancy does much more than help with the dating world. She is insightful, intuitive and really guided me through more than just dating. Along with time, She helped me recover from my loss.

I made my connection in September of 2014 . I thought I had my once in a lifetime, but with Nancy’s help I found love again. We are getting married in April.

Thanks, Nancy

Cheryl S.